Fun Media

William Clifford The Ethics of Belief – I highly recommend that you read this!

Here is an interesting article about Pope Benedict’s butler stealing his ‘secret documents’.

What the Vatican isn’t telling you could cost you.

The Vatican from the inside.

^^ Just wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Check out these debates! they are really interesting. I disagree with a lot of what Dr. Craig has to say, but the knowledge that gets passed around is really good!


^^This is an amazing video. It offers some great insight into the minds of physicists trying to explain the Big Bang. We are so close to discovering how the Universe came to be. This could be a game changer for religion because the evidence points in the opposite direction of God.

This video is by a Christian, however, as an Atheist, I think he has done some great research, so for other Atheists watching this, don’t worry about the fact that he is a believer, just listen to his research.

Another great video.


9 thoughts on “Fun Media

    • I find it fascinating that we can actually see how these things start. I think its a great indicator as to how the major religions today got started thousands of years ago.

      • Agreed! An excellent counter to the Creationism Education Bills being rammed through Republican-led state senates would be a course in anthropological determinism (if that’s the right word???) that focus’s on “how” cults and religions start. Beat them at their own silly game.

        • Yea, that stupid bill is possibly the worst thing to ever happen to US Public Education (besides school shootings, those are probably worse, but less frequent). The founding fathers knew to separate Church and State (including state regulated education). If it is payed for in taxes, religion can’t be a part of it. Of course that sounds reasonable to you and I, but to some they need to introduce their unproven bull into the education environment. They call it intelligent design, and claim it isn’t based on God. I find this comical, they say it is based on the ‘theory’ that the earth was created by a creator. I recently got into an argument with one of these people and was told that I was ignoring evidence for intelligent design because the ‘facts’ were pointing away from evolution. When asked what these facts are i never get an answer, I got a link to a creationism site saying that there was still a missing link so evolution can’t be true. Upon disproving this obvious bullshit claim I was told that I was unenlightened and ignoring evidence and that my religion was evolution.
          Lol that was a nice little rant.

          • Ah, if you get a true creationist on the line the only possible course of action is to ridicule them. They’re too far gone for reason. Sad, but true.

          • I hooked a big one alright. I was barking up the wrong tree though, nothing was going to convince them that the world was more than 6000 years old.

          • It probably is wrong to say that if we are talking about the law. If you are talking about for religious reasons thats perfectly acceptable. Apparently God likes it when you kill people whose views differ from yours. I’m sure our creationist friend will understand.
            On a more serious note, the view should definitely be eradicated from public school (and schools in general). I could care less if they want their kids to believe it or not because the more we learn the more ridiculous it sounds and people will eventually see that.

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