Daily Blurbs And Inquiries


  • Today I was thinking about the history of religion. Through history there are accounts of many religions that are “dead” today. I am always curious as to how this happens, why it happens. I think that it is sort of like Natural Selection, the more favorable religion continues, while less favorable ones die out. This leads me to wonder when Catholicism/Christianity will die out and make way for some other belief. In nature we know that there have been many animals that go extinct (starting with the dinosaurs, woolly mammoth, saber-tooth tiger, etc.) which is the natural order of things. I can’t presume to know what will happen in the future, but I can guess that within a few generations Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, etc. could die out. Assuming that this is going to be the case I am curious as to what belief will take over next. Just food for thought…


  • I think that the bible is one of the most abused texts in history. Abused especially by theologians, religious zealots, and uneducated people making uneducated guesses. Here is my reasoning: The bible was written over 2000 years ago (the Old Testament at least, the New Testament was actually written around 150 A.D., but for the sake of argument I’ll go with 2000 as a rough estimate) and people are trying to derive some sort of modern meaning from it, which to me seems absolutely insane. What upsets me about he bible is that people pick and choose what they want to believe in it. For example I heard from a theologian that any time God is wrathful it must be interpreted allegorically, but all the good things must be interpreted literally. That to me sounds like a whole load of crap, its cherry picking to fit your original belief, which would be fine if these people kept it to themselves,but the don’t. Then you get a special kind of religious person (the uneducated Theist making uneducated guesses) who says that Genesis must be interpreted literally, but then go on to cherry pick the rest of the bible. This really irks me because then people forget what is actually written on the page and stray from it and create these absurd dogmas that are killing the very people that the Church says they are helping. Going back to Genesis for a second, I have heard people say that God gave Adam and Eve a chance to redeem themselves. Their evidence: (hang on technical difficulty)
  • I heard one great argument against original sin on thinkatheist.com. Here it is: “How many Catholics believe in the Garden of Eden story as fact, and that Earth was Created less than ten thousand years ago? Doesn’t the concept of Original Sin and subsequent Redemption flail a bit without it?” Think about that one.


  • I heard that the argument for, against, and uncertainty about religion is a purely philosophical issue. However, I disagree with that. If you are just looking at philosophy, then you are missing a whole lot of good stuff. Science, as you can see from my “The Universe” post, has been able to figure out what religious have failed to explain again and again. You have to take science (biology, physics, chemistry, etc.), anthropology, archeology, history, and philosophy into account to fully disprove or prove the existence of God.The evidence from all of these categories has, so far, pointed away from the existence of God. Ultimately, I think the evidence will continue to point away from God.


  • Is it so that with every scientific discovery about the natural world and the Universe that we disprove God little by little?


  • After watching the Cult of John Frum videos I realized what a large dent that study puts in religion. Check the video out for yourself, if you are a Theist you may just want to take a look at your own religion’s history. It is certainly an eye opener if you’ve never heard of it. Go to my “Fun Media” page and watch the videos for yourself (they are about 13/14 videos down). One thing that really struck me was the quote by Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is his third law.
  • Argument for Biblical Contradiction
    1. If the Bible is the inspired word of God, then it cannot contradict itself, or it would just be works on man.
    2. The Bible contradicts itself
    3. Therefore, the Bible is just the works of man and is not inspired by God

    Where does the Bible contradict itself? When it talks about homosexuality it says that homosexuality is condemnable by death. Why would God want to condemn homosexuals to death?

    1. If God hates homosexuals, then he would want them to be condemned to death
    2. God wants homosexualities to be condemned to death (it is in the bible, Leviticus 20:13)
    3. Therefore, God hates homosexuals

    This proves that, if the inspired word of God is the Bible, then God hates homosexuals, however God is supposed to love all his creations (1John 4:16 and John 3:16). However, if everything is God’s creation then homosexuals are God’s creations too.

    1. If the Bible did not contradict itself, then God would love homosexuals
    2. God does not love homosexuals
    3. Therefore, the Bible contradicts itself.


8 thoughts on “Daily Blurbs And Inquiries

          • First off, the document IPUWER PAPYRUS, is mainly a poem. It is rejected by many Egyptologists that this document proves that the 10 plagues really happened. It also doesn’t mention anything about Jews or Moses. Roland Enmarch says that it is most likely not a piece of historical reportage and that historicising interpretations of it fail to account for the ahistorical, schematic literary nature of some of the poem’s laments. Furthermore, there is a lot of evidence saying that the Nile often had streams of red earth go through it that has been kicked up along with red algae, making it look red. This would also cause people who drink this to get sick.

            R. Enmarch: The Dialogue of Ipuwer and the Lord of All, The Griffith Institute, Griffith Institute Publications, Oxford 2005 ISBN 0900416866

            The next link you have is also problematic in its time frame. Trying to use the Bible as an accurate estimation of when an event occurred is not right because in the Bible people are reported to like for hundreds of years. We know now that that cannot be true. This means that you have to interpret the Bible in specific ways (does a day mean a year, a second, 10 years, etc.). The source that you provide after your posts is a sketchy one. I often use caution when using things like Wikipedia, which is why I try to use Wikipedia as a starting point that then use other, more academic sources. However, the problem with sites like http://www.realdiscoveries.org is that the two people making the contributions already have this preconceived notion that the Bible is true. If they are going out trying to find evidence of truth in the Bible then they will more naturally ignore evidence to the contrary. They also are not Archeologists, historians, or scientists. They are financed by Dr. Richard Kent (who isn’t any of those things either, he is an M.D.) and it seems as though they are more interested in selling their books and DVDs than anything else. I cannot find anything about Simon and Emma Brown saying that they have any advanced (B.A., M.A., PhD.) education. Their research is faulty because, to my knowledge, they are not peer reviewed or have any peer reviews articles in any science/archeological/Egyptological magazines or websites. I don’t think that any real anthropologists would find what they are claiming to be true because they have ignored the research of others. I have contacted an Archeological Anthropologist for a second opinion (via e-mail). I will let you know what he says, but I don’t think it will vary much from what I am saying (other than sounding more intelligent and being based upon much better research).

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